Botanical Medicines

Botanical medicine uses the strength of whole plants to heal. While understanding the pharmacological mechanisms of plants, their powerful constituents can be used to formulate specific tinctures or they can be taken as dried concentrates in pill form. 

Clinical Nutrition and Nutritional Supplementation

We are trained to use dietary counselling and guidance to promote optimal health while working with individual health concerns and possible dietary restrictions. We use our extensive knowledge of the biochemistry of nutrients and supplements to safely and effectively treat disease and physiological imbalance.

Preventative Medicine

A comprehensive assessment of an individual's health risks including diet, exercise and stress. Our doctors develop preventative health protocols based on this assessment.  There are many exciting new laboratory tests available to help us more accurately determine future risk of disease for those wishing to explore their health more deeply.      

Intravenous Therapies

Intravenous therapies allow the administration of vitamins and minerals directly into the circulatory system to provide optimal nutrition directly to your bodies tissues by allowing the nutrients to bypass of the gastrointestinal digestive tract. We have received extensive training in IV therapies including high dose Vitamin C, hydration formulas, artesunate, phosphatidyl choline and amino acid injections. 



Since 2010 many Naturopathic Physicians have been able to prescribe most pharmaceuticals other than those addictive or federally regulated. This has been an exciting change allowing NDs to more completely fill the role of primary care physician for those patients wishing us to do so.  The main areas of benefit for my patients are bioidentical hormone replacement, thyroid management and the selective prescribing of antibiotics for lyme disease and other chronic infections.