Our Office

240-1641 Hillside Avenue
Victoria, BC V8T 5G1
Fax number: 1-888-458-6786


Directions to Clinic:

I will start by saying that if you are confused at all about finding the office please text or call Angel at 250-888-3729.  My office is now located at the corner of Hillside Avenue and Shelbourne Street in the Lansdowne Professional Building. You may know it as the building across from Hillside Mall with the Pharmasave below it.  My office is on the second floor above the Pharmasave but you can access it from either elevator. There is short term free parking in front of the Pharmasave that would be great for brief visits and supplement pick up.  The parking lot can get quite busy at certain times of day but there is normally an available spot. If coming for a longer visit or there is no parking spot available out front then there should be lots of parking in the underground parking lot. It is a pay parking lot though so come with either a twoonie ($2) or your credit card. You will have to display your ticket on your windshield. If you end up coming up the back elevator it is a short walk down the hallway to the right as you get out of the elevator. 



First Office Visit (60 minutes)

$175 - An in-depth visit for gathering a full history on your current health concerns. We will explore your past medical and family history, as well as perform lab work. We will also perform relevant physical exams. 

Extended First Office Visit for those with Lyme Disease or a more complicated medical history (75 minutes)

$225- A visit for those with either a previous history of lyme and co-infections or those who suspect that a chronic infection is at the root of their symptoms.

Physical Exam (25 minutes)

$75 - A focused or general screening physical exam may be recommended as part of your treatment plan. There is an optional add on of $25 for a Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) to measure your body composition. 

Extended Follow Up Visit (45 minutes)

$130 - A longer follow up visit for those who have not been into the clinic in over 2 years, or who have many concerns to discuss on their follow up visit. 

Follow Up Visit (30 minutes)

$95 - A visit designed to follow up on treatments prescribed at a previous visit, review requested lab results, and fully review patient progress. 

Brief Follow Up Visit (15 minutes)

$55 - An opportunity to quickly review progress on a specific treatment and possibly review lab work requested at previous visit.

First Intravenous Visit (30 minutes)

$100 (+ cost of supplies)- A visit to introduce patients to IV therapy and discuss IV treatment options.

Repeat Intravenous Treatment (20 minutes)

*$55 - $85 (+ cost of supplies) - A shorter IV visit for those patients who have already had their first IV or are experienced with IV's. Treatment will be established in advance of visit.

*The cost of the visit will vary based on time spent discussing treatment with the doctor and the IV set up time. Simpler cases that require a simple set up and quick check in will cost less than those requiring a more complicated IV and check in. If you would like a more thorough follow up with the doctor, please book a 15 or 30 minute follow up visit in addition to your IV visit. 

Email Communication

Free for clarification of previous treatment plan. $25 for discussion of future treatments or past medical history.

Prescription Refills

Free if visit in previous month but $25 for patients not frequently seen. 

Review of Medical Records

$100 per hour for review of complex charts.  

B12 Injection (5 minutes)

$20 - A 5 minute visit only to give B12 or other intramuscular injection. 


Cancellation Policy: Please note, we require 24 hours notice for appointment cancellations. If a visit is cancelled within this window, the cost of the full-service fee will be applied.

All of these services are covered to some degree by extended medical programs. Call and ask your provider what you can expect. We will provide you with the necessary paperwork for reimbursement. If you qualify for income assistance then a portion of the visit will be reimbursed by the Medical Services Plan. Speak to Maria directly to make special arrangements for more affordable visits. Phone consultations or e-mails involving brief questions about existing treatment plans are free of charge after initial in office consultation.  All other phone consultations or more complex e-mails are billed on a per time basis at the same rate as office calls.



Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Booking can be done online by clicking the link above. 

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