Over the past 9 years I have been developing a treatment approach to Lyme Disease. Borrelia and other co-infections of a tick bite are difficult to diagnose and treat but there are lab tests available and treatments that can make an enormous difference in the lives of patients. Symptoms of Lyme disease might include swollen inflamed joints, fatigue, numbness and tingling anywhere in your body, lack of coordination, mood swings and a susceptibility to other infections. 


Many patients are looking for a “Lyme Literate” Physician to help them in their journey with Lyme Disease. As there is no one course or group of qualifications that would label you “literate” it can be difficult to determine who in fact is qualified to help best. Fortunately the number of NDs becoming passionate about chronic infectious disease is growing. I have spent countless hours reviewing literature, attending seminars and watching webinars. I also work closely with many other practitioners who have specialized in this area and who will provide support and input when needed.

Each patient with Lyme is entirely unique. My first request to any patient with possible Lyme is to please tell me your story. It is a deep privilege when patients share with me all that they’ve been through but the greater privilege is providing treatment that actually changes the course of their health. 


Please fill out this questionnaire if you think you have been exposed to Lyme


Supplements & Herbs

Our clinic carries a variety of Lyme specific supplements and herbal formulas that can be difficult for patients to find online or in stores in Canada. We do our best to keep the cost of these supplements as low as possible for our patients. 

Brands and Products we carry:

  • Biocidin

  • Lauricidin

  • BioPure Cistus Tea

  • Wildcraft Herbs

  • Researched Nutritionals

  • Lyme Ease (Harmonic Arts)

  • Xymogen


Links to important Lyme Disease resources and information: