I have a highly collaborative approach to Chronic and Complex Disease including Lyme Disease and Co-infections and make every attempt to include your GP in your care. If you do not have a GP I will assist you, where necessary, in finding one. I make referrals to physical therapists, acupuncturists, and other NDs who offer valuable therapies or testing options.


Step By Step

Step 1   

60 - 90 minute visit including thorough history, review of previous lab results and medical records with necessary physical exam. If you have been referred by another Lyme Literate Doctor and I receive your medical records then this first visit can be abbreviated. 


Step 2

Necessary laboratory testing. 
Possibilities Include:
1. Local Lifelabs testing with suggestions made to GP in the form of a report on my findings.
2. Testing for Infectious causes of illness through Armin Labs in Germany.
3.  Hormonal testing providing a close look at thyroid, adrenal and sex hormones. 
4. Detailed nutrient and neurotransmitter testing to rule out imbalances. 
5. Comprehensive digestive stool analysis if gut health believed to be primary driver of disease. 
6. In depth testing of your immune system. 


Step 3

Implementation of appropriate treatment.
1) Herbal and nutritional supplements. 
2) IV nutrient and herbal therapy. 
3) Antibiotic therapy where necessary.
4) Referral for physical therapy and acupuncture. 
5) Referral back to GP or specialist for conventional therapies or additional exploration.