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We are well into 2017 and as always the learning never stops. The area of complex chronic disease is exploding with information and I am excitedly trying to keep up. I am now avidly researching mastocytosis (a mast cell disease) -a fascinating illness that can be triggered by chronic infections. Patients notice increasing sensitivities/allergies to the world around them making treatment more and more difficult. Treating this reactivity may help them tolerate more therapies which can lower the bacterial/viral load and break the vicious cycle they have been living in. I am so hopeful this will help the most reactive of my patients. Mast cell disease can exist without infection as well and those of you suffering from allergies might find value in this approach. 

We are also learning so much about biofilms and how microorganisms can hide away in our bodies. As the research continues they are discovering more and more substances that can break down these biofilms - herbs such as stevia and nutrients such as N-acetyl cysteine and alpha lipoic acid among many others. 

I am most looking forward to welcoming in Spring with open arms. We have truly had a Canadian winter this year and are  deserving of some sunshine and flowers.