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For me the first day of school always feels like the real New Years Day. I do a lot of reflection on the successes and failures of the year past and planning for what I would like the year ahead to bring. This past year has been full to say the least. I have opened my own practice and watched it thrive with all of the growing pains that accompany the process. I have learned an incredible amount - about business and the rapidly developing area of complex chronic infections. I was blessed to take a 3 week break this summer to rest, refuel and get inspired for yet more change and progress in my professional and personal life. I am booked for the ILADS 2017 conference in Boston this November where I hope to gain further insights into those patients who do not respond to a typical level of therapy for Lyme disease. I am also very interested in the countless new therapies and tests being developed for the treatment, and diagnosis of chronic infections. I am looking forward to discussing these with some of the 900 lyme literate physicians at the conference. 
On an organizational note we are about to change our phone system to one that fits my practice a bit bitter. There will be opportunities to leave messages if necessary and hopefully far less waiting and busy signals. Don't forget that I am always happy to receive email messages.